FlyWheel Business helps companies innovate more effectively and create fertile ground for innovation. We accelerate innovation. The application of a systematic method that guides the creative process, along with the integrated approach for fostering a culture of innovation in the company, create a so-called flywheel effect.
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Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) consists of five patterns that channel the ideation process and regulate creative thought processes in order to innovate systematically and on demand, generating truly creative ideas. This systematic ideation-method enables companies to generate creative ideas and innovate at any given time. Even on Monday mornings, 8 am.
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Fertile ground

Tom Kelly (Ideo) is often quoted as saying “Fail often so you can succeed sooner”. In order to be successful in innovation, one will inevitably fail often. Everybody knows that. But companies must be organized in such a way that they can actually support this process. The more fertile the ground, the better innovation can flourish.
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Management Consulting

FlyWheel Business is deeply rooted in business and the company has broad experience in consulting organizations and interim management. Moreover, FlyWheel Business manages processes related to the development, change and implementation of strategy and Marketing.
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Lecturing & Seminars

SIT has been part of the curriculum of Columbia University and Wharton for some time now. It will also be included in the program of a number of Dutch universities. FlyWheel Business regularly gives guest lectures on the SIT method at Erasmus University and the University of Cincinnati.
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Clients & Testimonials

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For each project we carry out for companies like yours, we donate part of the revenue or time to people in less fortunate circumstances: “One-for-One”. With this program we either contribute financially to business initiatives that create opportunities for the underprivileged, or we dedicate our time, knowledge and expertise helping others.
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