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You just found your new innovation partner! We can boost your innovation activities with our interim innovation management service. Let’s join forces in dealing with your innovation challenges.

Do you remember the last time that you worked with an interim manager who really understands your challenges, a partner that inspires you and energizes you? Someone who is self-starting and immediately starts adding value? A partner who is a specialist in his field? A reliable and experienced partner with a proven track-record who adds great value to your business?

That’s exactly the type of partner FlyWheel Business is. We don’t just do innovation on the side, we specialize in it. It’s our core business. And as interim innovation managers we seamlessly blend into your organization.

Can we help you with your innovation challenges?

Sometimes organizations need additional temporary innovation power. For a high stakes innovation project for instance. Or simply because the required knowledge and experience are not available in the own organization. FlyWheel Business has broad experience in interim innovation management and we know how to add the most value to your organization.

Let’s start by getting to know each other. Do we have a click and is there a match with your organization? These are important prerequisites for success. In our first meeting we will explore the possibilities, free of charge. Contact us today to discuss your innovation challenges.

Interim Innovation Management

It’s of great importance that an interim innovation professional smoothly finds his own way in your organization and can roll up his sleeves very quickly to start adding value. We know how to do that.

Our interim innovation management service is rooted in our first-hand experience in working with different types of companies in very diverse industries, ranging from telecommunications to industrial production and from agriculture to pharmaceuticals. We have experienced a variety of organizations and we have learned to adapt our management style to each and every one of them. We have identified best-practices in working with organizations and we continuously invest in keeping our theoretical framework up to date, allowing us to always apply the most effective methods and models.

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With our innovation management service we give you peace of mind. Our own hands-on interim innovation management experience along with our access to the newest insights and methods of renowned business schools, are a recipe for success.

Do you need an interim Innovation Director or an interim Innovation Team manager? Are you looking for a valuable addition to an existing Innovation Team? Is your company searching an interim professional to help you develop creativity skills and innovative thinking capabilities of your people? We can do this for you.

Let us give you peace of mind!

Contact us today to discuss your innovation challenges.

Our innovation services

FlyWheel Business offers three types of services: innovation consulting, innovation management and innovation workshops & courses

FlyWheel Business is based in Amsterdam, and serves customers throughout The Netherlands and Europe.

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