“Selling communication tools that increase the innovation power of the customer, is only relevant if there is a sense of urgency to innovate. My question was, how to create a sense of urgency of innovation at the customer, in order to add more relevance in selling my products? The answer for me was presenting the best and most impactful innovation method, which have helped companies to be more successful in the past. The solution was offered by Ernst-Jan van Batenburg, owner and founder of FlyWheel Business. He presented his innovation method to my customers. A method based on a thorough analysis of the key innovation variables that have changed many large corporations profoundly. Furthermore, his presence on stage and his authority of the subject matter helped me to shift my conversation with the customer from product features to the effect of an increased innovation power. This made my solution more relevant, and increased the value of my offering.”
Bas Rookhuijzen MBA, Industry Manager Benelux, Google for Work