“Selling communication tools that increase the innovation power of the customer, is only relevant if there is a sense of urgency to innovate. My question was, how to create a sense of urgency of innovation at the customer, in order to add more relevance in selling my products? The answer for me was presenting the best and most impactful innovation method, which have helped companies to be more successful in the past. The solution was offered by Ernst Jan van Batenburg, owner and founder of FlyWheel Business.

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Creating a flywheel effect for your business

FlyWheel Business helps organizations accelerating innovation. We are working with companies as a partner to generate a lasting impact.

It is our aim to achieve autonomous impact generation that continues after our work in your organization has been done. Our high commitment to the organization, and the close and intense collaboration with our clients, lead to a flywheel effect.

We love the metaphor of the flywheel effect for business because it forms essence of what we want to be for our clients. And we love it so much that we have named our company after it!

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The flywheel effect in business

In his world-famous book Good to Great, Jim Collins describes the flywheel effect as a phenomenon that all Good-to-Great-companies have experienced. He writes:

“Then, at some point – breakthrough! The momentum of the thing kicks in in your favor, hurling the flywheel forward, turn after turn … whoosh! … its own heavy weight working for you. You’re pushing no harder than during the first rotation, but the flywheel goes faster and faster. Each turn of the flywheel builds upon work done earlier, compounding your investment of effort”.

Our innovation services

FlyWheel Business offers three types of services: innovation consultinginnovation management and innovation workshops & courses

FlyWheel Business is based in Amsterdam, and serves customers throughout The Netherlands and Europe.

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