“Ernst-Jan has helped us in the past two years with the success of various innovation projects within the business market segment of KPN. Examples include the 4G network rollout and the introduction of mobile payments. This latter innovation project has led to a very successful pilot with three national banks in the city of Leiden.

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Marcel van Ruijven MBA, Senior Manager Innovation, KPN Business Market

Your partner in Innovation Consulting

Congratulations! You decided to start looking for a specialist to help with your innovation challenges. You just took the first step in a very exciting process!

Have you ever worked with an external partner that really understands your challenges, a partner that inspires you and energizes you? A partner who feels at home on all levels of your organization? Someone who advices you both on a strategic level as well as on an operational level? A reliable and experienced partner with a proven track-record who adds great value to your business? That’s the type of innovation partner FlyWheel Business is. Moreover, we didn’t just add innovation to our service portfolio, we specialize in it. It is our core business.

Can we help you with your innovation challenges?

You are not alone because many companies face innovation challenges. Recent McKinsey research shows that 94% of companies interviewed are unsatisfied with their innovation performance. Let’s start by getting to know each other. Do we have a click and is there a match with your organization? These are important prerequisites for success. Our first meeting is free of charge and perhaps this already gives you enough new insights. Contact us today to discuss your innovation challenges.

Innovation Consulting

Organizations greatly benefit from the fresh perspective of an objective external partner. We ask you the questions that no one asks anymore and we help you with your innovation challenges. Our innovation consulting service is based on our first-hand experience with innovation. We have identified best-practices in working with organizations and we continuously invest in keeping the theoretical framework up to date, allowing us to always apply the most effective methods and models. Furthermore, we have broad experience in working with different types of companies in very diverse industries, ranging from telecommunications to industrial production and from agriculture to pharmaceuticals. Check out our Customers page to read what our customers say about us

Our innovation consulting service spans the entire innovation chain. We can help you face your innovation challenges by working with your leadership team on a strategic level. We make viable plans that can be executed and we help you to do that. We know how important it is that a professional advice does not just end up in a desk drawer, but actually gets carried out and generates impact. That’s when you achieve real Return of Investment, and in this case: Return on Innovation.

Innovation doesn’t stop at the strategical level, but this is merely a starting point. An important part of our innovation consulting service is to help you create the necessary context and culture for innovation. FlyWheel Business works with you to embed innovation in your organization and to generate a continuous flow of new valuable innovative ideas that keep your innovation pipeline filled. In the end, it’s all about the result of your innovation activities. Let us help you generate these results!

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Our innovation services

FlyWheel Business offers three types of services: innovation consulting, innovation management and innovation workshops & courses

FlyWheel Business is based in Amsterdam, and serves customers throughout The Netherlands and Europe.

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