“Ernst-Jan van Batenburg has helped us in the past two years with the success of various innovation projects within the business market segment of KPN. Examples include the 4G network rollout and the introduction of mobile payments. This latter innovation project has led to a very successful pilot with three national banks in the city of Leiden.
With his professional and thorough approach, Ernst-Jan knows how to bring innovation projects to success where others get stuck. His boldness but above all his ability to structure, along with a highly concentrated focus on the end-result, will lead to realisation of successful innovation projects. He is able to operate on different management levels and he easily adapts to the leadership style accordingly if needed. He exudes confidence towards his surrounding, creating an environment in which he is seen as the trusted advisor. It was a pleasure working with Ernst-Jan and, without hesitation, I fully recommend him for other innovation projects.”
Marcel van Ruijven MBA, Senior Manager Innovation, KPN Business Market