“FlyWheel Business has helped kick-off the implementation of the innovation roadmap at Bos Nieuwerkerk, ultimately resulting in a new innovative product based on waste. Martine Goedegebuure, Managing Director: “Ernst-Jan van Batenburg gave us a complete different look on the definition of innovation (innovation ? invention) and reset all our mindsets so we started as a team with the same ideas at our innovation project”.

Bos Nieuwerkerk has been supplying high-quality solutions for regulating process gas since 1973 and it specializes in designing and manufacturing custom-made metal chimneys and ducts. In the course of the years, Bos Nieuwerkerk has developed into one of the major suppliers of chimney and duct systems in Western Europe.

FlyWheel Business has contributed to establishing commitment, innovation focus and the sense of urgency and opportunity. Bos Nieuwerkerk has leveraged existing resources and capabilities and it has successfully introduced a new product in the market in just three months time. Bos Nieuwerkerk found a way to create new value out of waste. The company has created a so-called ‘heat exchanger’, a product that uses the temperature of exhaust gas in chimney systems in order to generate new energy. The energy can be reused by the plant, thus generating significant cost saving and contributing to sustainability by reduction of use of fossil energy.

Martine Goedegebuure Managing Director, Bos Nieuwerkerk