Amsterdam to get driverless ‘Roboats’ on Canals

Researchers hope the raft-like vessels will carry people, measure pollution and even help fish bicycles from city canals.

Start building an Innovation Pipeline

In a Sales process, a new customer develops through the different stages of a Sales pipeline. It generally moves from the so-called suspect stage into a more promising prospect stage and it finally becomes your new customer. It’s a controlled process with predictive value. The same pipeline principle can be applied to creativity and innovation. Let’s have a look at the development from an idea into a product. The Innovation Pipeline gets filled with all creative ideas that the organization generates. Some of these ideas turn out to have less potential than others. The most promising ideas are selected and [...]

Constraints are a source of opportunity for innovation

When it comes to creativity and innovation, our clients or managers often ask us to Think outside the box and to consider everything. This way of thinking supposedly generates superior ideas. Thinking outside the box is still a very popular concept and it makes us feel like the sky is the limit. However, studies show that Thinking outside the box does not generate more and better ideas. Moreover, when people are given a blank page they often feel blocked and sometimes even feel fear. People experience the paralysis of choice. Where to start? What to do? What not to do? [...]

Stop gambling with the future of your company: take control of innovation

Three important prerequisites for successful innovation Can you honestly imagine anyone saying: “We are relying on our product managers to have a Eureka moment” or “we are just waiting to get lucky”? No way! But yet, this is often reality when it comes to innovation. Popular well-known products came about by some stroke of luck. Pure serendipity. The seeming abundance of examples on the internet conceals the fact that this is only an insignificant minority of innovations. Organizations can’t just rely on luck as their source of innovation. The future of a company must not depend on it. Moreover, it [...]

Stop trying to always do more in innovation

Whenever you feel the need to add something, do exactly the opposite. One of the most common approaches to product innovation is to keep on adding functionality: “our newest product now also has this feature, plus it can …”. And-and-and. We all know the examples. But what happens is that by adding features, the product becomes more complex and sometimes even too complex for its users. Besides, consumers often are not aware of the full range of a product’s features and a lot of functionality remains unused. This type of innovation typically offers companies only a small incremental benefit that [...]

Stop listening to the Voice of the Customer in innovation

Do your customers know what they want? Do they have any idea what their needs will be in the future? Can they tell you what it is that they are willing to pay for? Suppose you have a business manufacturing high-quality leather wallets and you would like to innovate your product. You start by asking your customers how they will be using the wallet in the future and what changes they would like to see. The feedback you get might vary from using a more premium type of leather, to space for more credit cards or a slimmer design. If [...]