How an industry marries technology and tradition through innovation

The classic watch industry finds itself in a squeeze. On the one hand, we see that it has become less common for younger generations to wear wristwatches, while on the other hand technological newcomers such as Apple Watch and Pebble are winning market share. How does the traditional watch industry that is characterized by tradition and craftsmanship react to these technology-driven trends? Bearing in mind the sector’s desire to keep honoring the key values of tradition and authenticity, unsurprisingly the answer is slowly but surely. We are now starting to see promising innovative examples of how this sector is adapting [...]

Recognizing proven innovation patterns in Netflix

Netflix fundamentally changes the way we watch movies and shows. We now have a vast number of shows available that we can watch at any time we like, anywhere, on any device. We can play and pause at will and create favorite lists. Start binging ladies and gentlemen! Netflix (NFLX) is one of the most successful dot-com ventures ever with a current market capitalization of around 27 Billion dollars. In just over a year after its introduction in the Netherlands in September 2013, the national Netflix subscriber base has reached the 700,000 mark. The conditions in The Netherlands are very [...]

Three innovation principles

Imagine you run a successful business with happy paying customers. Would you just sit back and relax? No! You would be looking at ways to sustain that success, and to become even more successful. You would be innovating all the time, right? I believe most companies know they need to innovate and many of them realize they should not wait until sales slump and business becomes less successful. However, it happens that companies respond too late to changing customer behavior or find themselves surprised by new competitors shaking up their industries. If you want to run a successful business on [...]