“I became acquainted with Ernst-Jan through an executive workshop on systematic creativity I gave in Columbia University. Getting to know him was the highlight of that event for me, and it is a privilege to be his colleague. Ernst-Jan decided to study and master this approach to creativity, and I was proud to be his tutor in a subsequent course.

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Professor Jacob Goldenberg, Columbia University New York

Your partner for Idea Generation

You just found your new partner for idea generation! We can train your teams in ideation techniques and we can help you structurally organize idea generation in your organization.

Popular well-known products came about by some stroke of luck. Pure serendipity. The seeming abundance of examples on the internet conceals the fact that this is only an insignificant minority of innovations. Organizations can’t just rely on luck as their source of ideas for innovation. The future of a company must not depend on it. Moreover, it really is gambling with the future of your company.

Organizations need to systematically and continuously generate new viable ideas to keep filling the innovation pipeline. Generation of ideas cannot be left to chance and should be organized.

Can we help you with your idea generation challenges?

Let’s start by getting to know each other. Do we have a click and is there a match with your organization? These are important prerequisites for success. In our first meeting we will explore the possibilities, free of charge. Contact us today to discuss your idea generation challenges.

Ideation Techniques

Mastering ideation techniques allows everybody in your company to become creative and generate ideas. It enables companies to produce innovative ideas and innovate on-demand, at any given time. Even on Monday mornings at 08:00 AM.

Thinking Inside the Box with SIT

One of the most powerful ideation methods is SIT, short for Systematic Inventive Thinking. The SIT-approach is based on scientific research, which has demonstrated that the vast majority of all innovations is based on only five different patterns. Systematically applying these patterns to the ideation process can increase the innovation hit-rate of a company.

The systematic nature of SIT enables everyone in the organization to develop creative ideas. The method is extremely useful for product- and service innovation, and it is equally valuable for the innovation of processes and business models. SIT is a counter-intuitive method that does not take the customer’s wishes as its starting point, but, instead, listens to the Voice of the Product. Creative innovative ideas can often be found in the vicinity of the product, the metaphorical box. So instead of thinking outside the box, we think Inside the Box.

FlyWheel Business offers workshops Idea Generation focusing on a variety of Ideation Techniques. In these workshops we teach your teams different ideation techniques that you can immediately apply in the organization to generate ideas on-demand. In the workshop we give special attention to the Systematic Inventive Thinking method. Contact us today to discuss your idea generation challenges.

SIT at top business schools

The scientific basis and successful commercial application of Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) have inspired more and more business schools to include this method in their Innovation or Marketing programs. SIT has been part of the curriculum of Columbia University and Wharton for some time now, and it has also been included in the program of Erasmus University – Rotterdam School of Management in 2015. The systematic nature of the method, as well as its commercial applicability, makes this approach extremely valuable for managers and MBAs. Ernst-Jan van Batenburg is a regular guest lecturer in the Netherlands and the United States. (see further Innovation Workshops & Courses).

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